Brief history and back ground of CREDAI-Solapur and Advantages of the Membership


CREDAI- The CREDAI-Solapur(formerly PBAS) established in 1992.

  • It is Serving for the promotion of Real Estate Sector for the benefit of their Members over more than 25 years.
  • CREDAI- SOLAPUR is member of state level federation CREDAI MAHARASTRA who is a member of the National Level Apex body CREDAI.
  • CREDAI Guides & educates the Promoters & Builders to deliver their products to the fullest Satisfaction of the purchasers periodic educative conferences & workshops are held to update the members on regulatory responsibilities & modern techniques in construction.


  • The Association is headed by the President, two Vice Presidents, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer. The Past President is a member of the Managing Committee. In order to support the Office Bearers there is a Managing Committee consisting of 13 members who are also elected by the Members. In addition to that there are nine co-opted as a Advisory Committee members.
  • Each Vice President is allotted specific sub committees to guide, advice, and monitor and to follow up the respective subcommittee matters. In turn the Vice Presidents report to the President.
  • In addition to the managing committee meetings the office bearers meet prior to the managing committee to brief about various tasks in addition to meeting every fortnight or so for review.
  • In order to closely interact with the members each Chairman of subcommittee is allotted 20 or more members to interact, guide, advice or meet if meetings are required. They have also formed their WhatsApp interaction group.
  • The Managing Committee Meets every month regularly to discuss various issues affecting the construction sector.
  • The General Body Meetings are held quarterly but many a times a Spl. General Body meetings are also called to discuss specific and important issues.


  • It has been a unique that all the communications of Managing Committees are through the e-mails, SMS, WhatsApp interaction group and posted on websites and there is no paper work.
  • Similarly in case of General Body Meetings all the Agenda notices and Minutes are sent to the members through email and posted on website.
  • All communications regarding the attendance to the meetings are through SMS and emails only.
  • Smart cards have been issued to the members not only for identification but also to record the attendance through swapping.


The process of admission to membership is stringent and carried out carefully as per the guide lines issued by the Managing committee from time to time. There is a prescribed form for making an application. Every member is issued Annual Membership Certificate. It is obligatory for the member to use CREDAI-Solapur logo in all their advertisement communications.


The members of the CREDAI-Solapur have to observe Code of Conduct issued which will bring transparency. If the member do not observe he has to face disciplinary action.


  • CREDAI-Solapur organizes Annual Mega Property exhibitions to show case projects of its members and it has become a trusted exhibition for last ten years and there has been an overwhelming response because of the brand. PBAP also publishes exhibition directory.

  • CREDAI-Solapur Metro is again a pioneer Association in holding Virtual on line property exhibition for its Members exhibiting which had an overwhelming response from national international customers.


  • CREDAI-Solapur has developed its own website where members participate in exhibiting their projects. Other information regarding member list, circulars, e-news, meetings etc. are available on the website.



  1. The application can be considered only of those Builders/Developers who have completed at least one project consisting of minimum 12 units, having sound track record and seems to fall in line to observe the code of conduct of the Association. However, if someone is from city other than Pune, his application for membership can be considered only if he is a member of CREDAI any chapter.
  2. The application for membership shall be in the prescribed form available on the CREDAI-Solapur website or from the office by paying necessary charges.
  3. The application shall be proposed and seconded by the existing two ordinary members of the CREDAI-Solapur Metro other than the Managing Committee Members and the proposed and seconded should have paid all the dues till date.
  4. The application shall be accompanied by the following documents:
    • Cheque for entrance fee and the Annual Subscription at the prevailing rates.(presently Rs. 50,000/- + 14.5% service tax towards entrance fee and Rs.60,000/- + 14.5 % service tax towards annual subscription)
    • Completion certificate of the project.
    • Commencement certificates of the ongoing projects.
    • Copy of documents related to registration of the firm and constitution of the firm/company.
    • Copy of PAN cards of the firm and the directors/partners/owners.
    • Copy of the valid Shop Act license.
    • In respect of firm out of Solapur city, it needs to furnish copy of valid membership certificate of any CREDAI chapter.
    • Any Proprietary concern/firm/company or body corporate applying for the Membership should submit letter/resolution indicating the name of the authorized person.
  5. New application received for enrollment of membership shall be scrutinized by the Secretariat / Chairman of the Membership development Committee. After the scrutiny the details will be circulated as a part of the Agenda to all the Managing Committee Members.
  6. The Managing Committee has absolute and uncontrolled discretion either to accept or to reject the said application. The Committee shall not be bound to give any reason for such rejection. If the application is rejected, the Jt. Hon. Secretary will intimate the rejection thereof to the applicant and refund the sum paid by him.
  7. If the application is accepted by the Managing Committee then the Jt. Hon. Secretary / Secretariat shall notify the acceptance thereof to the applicant in writing and accordingly he will be enrolled in the Membership register. The Secretariat shall also furnish the applicant with a copy of the Code of Conduct, CREDAI-Solapur logo.
  8. The use of CREDAI-Solapur Metro logo is compulsory in all the publicity and advertising material of the Member. It is obligatory on the part of all the members to follow all the Rules & Regulations, Code of Conduct, Code of Practices, strictly in the interest of the Business of the Association. In case of the following, the members are expected to inform changes to the secretariat whereby the records of the Association will be changed accordingly:
    • If there is the change in the name of the member firm, wherein constitution of the firm as well as the registration no. (of Registrar of Firms) remains the same
    • There is a change in the constitution of the member firm, wherein the name as well as the Registration no. (of Registrar of Firms) remains the same.
    • In the above circumstances, it will not be treated as new membership but the same old membership will continue with the necessary modifications in the records of the Association.